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Date: 12th October 2009

Ben Nevis

It’s well overdue but I finally got around to ascending Britain’s highest mountain at the weekend. Ben Nevis stands at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft) and attracts thousands of climbers and hillwalkers every year. There are two main routes up the mountain; the ‘tourist route’ or the ‘north face route’ which involves some scrambling or climbing depending on how you tackle it.

On this occassion I opted for the simpler tourist route, thinking that hiking up the highest mountain in Britain would be challenging enough. I have to be honest however and say that it was a lot easier than I imagined with well formed paths and stone steps leading up most of the way, making for a less than exciting ascent. Luckily the expansive views on the way made up for things; you really can see for many miles around. Dark, brooding clouds and the odd spot of rain only added to the dramatic landscape and made for some brooding shots.

The above shot may well have been taken as my camera flew out of my bag towards the rocks below. Unfortunately a little accident means my camera’s LCD screen is now completely smashed! One for the insurers I think…

Overall it was a cracking day (no pun intended) and I’m very happy to have completed the walk, although I’m rather regretting jogging half way back down the mountain. It was a lot more exciting than walking, but my legs don’t seem to agree! Until the next challenge.

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