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Date: 6th October 2009

Climbing in Cambusbarron

I’ve wanted to get out for some rock climbing for ages but just haven’t had the chance. Well, today the chance came up and I grabbed it. My good friend Dereck offered to take me out to a local quarry which is full of climbs of various difficulty. Luckily there were some nice and easy spots to get me into the swing of things.

The quarry is set within mixed woodland and has become somewhat of a local playground for bikers, climbers and walkers.

Dereck makes it to the top of a climb, showing the size of the rock face; a good 60ft or so. All precautions were taken to make sure the rock was stable and fit to climb of course.

Going over the edge! I don’t look so sure about myself as I stretch down with my feet, searching for a small ledge before starting my absail back down the cliff face. Somehow even after scaling the rock face, this is the scariest part!

I managed to get a few shots with my camera while absailing, which provided some stunning views and a different perspective on things. I’ll have to work on my ‘climbing while carrying camera equipment’ technique, but absailing using a Grigri to lock the rope is ideal for some mid-air photography. I can see there being a few more outings in the coming months.

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