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Date: 9th May 2011

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Group on Boat, Koh Phi Phi

So far I’ve only really touched on my travels through Asia on the way to New Zealand. Finally catching up with myself I hope to start posting more images from various places I’ve visited in no particular order. For starters see if you can spot the two Scottish lads in the photo above!

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi was made world famous in the movie The Beach which featured one of the many stunning beaches found on the island. Tourists flock here to check out the secret beaches and coves, which are now of course not so secret. They still remain some of the most beautiful strips of sand in the world, enclosed by vertical cliffs and tropical rainforest.

A cheeky Macaque

The island is home to the odd troop of Macaques who decend from the forest to be photographed by the tourists and every now and then try and question our position on the evolutionary ladder. One such instance being when I found myself quite suddenly completely surrounded by at least five monkeys, two trying to steal my camera bag, one playing with my lens cap, another my snorkel and the remaining fast approaching for a square go. Luck for me all my fellow humans decided to form a big semi circle to laugh and watch the proceedings. I attempted to shout “please excuse me” in my best monkey voice, which only seemed to anger the little beasts, so resorted to scampering around wildly, grabbing my belongings and horsing it down the beach to safety. Luckily I escaped without any bite marks.

Sunset, Koh Phi Phi
Sunset at sea, Koh Phi Phi

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