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Date: 6th December 2009

Trip to Skye

Last week I managed to get away for a bit of a holiday and where better to go than the Isle of Skye. I wasn’t expecting too much from the Scottish weather but I certainly didn’t expect gale force winds and driving rain the whole week! It was so awful it was rather impressive. Luckily I had a cosy little cottage to hide away from the elements. So not quite the photographic adventure I’d hoped but I did manage to get a few shots whenever there was a break in the weather. The above is of Loch Garry which looks remarkably like a map of Scotland from this viewpoint. I’ve also been told it looks like a unicorn but I’m not sure if I see it!

Neist Point is the most westerly point on Skye and a place of dramatic landscapes. The coast was being pounded by the elements and I struggled to stay on two feet as the wind roared around my ears.

Neist Point Lighthouse

A rather drab and sorry looking Eilean Donan Castle. Not quite picture postcard weather but the castle itself is well worth visiting. Although you may want to check the opening times before you make the long journey, half the highlands appear to close down for the winter months which I found rather dissapointing. If you can’t enjoy Scotland in bad weather, when can you enjoy it! I’ll save the ranting for my local MP 🙂

For those of you who are musically minded I’ve got to make a plug about this album, ‘Sigh no more’ from Mumford & Sons. It was the soundtrack to the trip and the perfect accompaniment to the island landscape.

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